Routledge philosophy guidebook to Husserl and the Cartesian meditations

A.D. Smith

Husserl has enjoyed a revival of interest in recent years and theCartesian Meditationsis perhaps his most widely read text. The book is an introduction to Husserl's phenomenology and is based on Descartes'Meditations on First Philosophy. Husserl attempts to show how Descartes discovered the 'transcendental' perspective which is essential to any genuine philosophy. Until now there has never been a secondary text on this important and influential work on philosophy. This book, in conjunction with the text itself, will serve as a proper introduction to Husserlian phenomenology. A.D. Smith introduces and assesses the key concepts that arise in the book in clear and engaging ways. His style is highly accessible and suitable for anyone coming to theCartesian Meditationsfor the first time.

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