The Routledge Companion to Twentieth-Century Philosophy (Routledge Companions)

Dermont Moran

The twentieth century was one of the most significant and exciting periods ever witnessed in philosophy, characterised by intellectual change and development on a massive scale. The Routledge Companion to Twentieth Century Philosophy is an outstanding and authoritative survey and assessment of the century as a whole. Twenty-two chapters written by leading international scholars examine and assess the central topics, themes, and philosophers of the twentieth century, presenting a comprehensive picture of the period for the first time:Early Analytic PhilosophyMichael PotterAnalytic Philosophy: Wittgenstein and After Hans-Johann GlockGerman Philosophy since 1900 Karl-Otto ApelFrench Philosophy in the 20th Century Gary GuttingAmerican Philosophy James O'SheaMetaphysics E. J. LoweEpistemology Matthias SteupPhilosophy of Mind Sarah PattersonPhilosophical Logic Mark SainsburyMoral Philosophy Rowland StoutPolitical Philosophy Chandran KukathasPhenomenology Dan ZahaviHegel in the Twentieth Century Terry PinkardCritical Theory Alex HonnethNaturalism Geert KeilFeminism in Philosophy Andrea NyeKant in Twentieth-Century Bob HannaAesthetics Paul GuyerHermeneutics Nick DaveyPhilosophy of Language Jason StanleyPhilosophy of Psychology Stephen StichPhilosophy of Science Stathis PsillosFeaturing annotated further reading and a comprehensive glossary, The Routledge Companion to Twentieth Century Philosophy is indispensable for anyone interested in philosophy over the last one hundred years, suitable for both expert and novice alike.

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