The International Politics of Judicial Intervention: Creating a more just order (New International Relations)

Birdsall, Andrea

This volume considers the most recent demands for justice within the international system, examining how such aspirations often conflict with norms of state sovereignty and non-intervention. From an interdisciplinary approach that combines issues of International Relations with International Law, this book addresses issues neglected in both disciplines concerning the establishment a more just international order and its political implications. Through detailed examples drawn from key developments in international law, the author explores how new norms develop within international society, and how these norms generate both resistance and compliance from state actors. Case studies include: Pinochet and the House of Lords The Congo versus Belgium at the International Court of Justice The establishment of the ad hoc war crimes tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia The creation of the International Criminal Court and US opposition. The International Politics of Judicial Intervention will be of interest to students and scholars of International Relations, Human Rights and International Law.

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