The One Minute Manager

Blanchard, Kenneth

For more than twenty years, millions of managers in Fortune 500 companies and small businesses nationwide have followed The One Minute Manager's techniques, thus increasing their productivity, job satisfaction, and personal prosperity. These very real results were achieved through learning the management techniques that spell profitability for the organization and its employees. The One Minute Manager is a concise, easily read story that reveals three very practical secrets: One Minute Goals, One Minute Praisings, and One Minute Reprimands. The book also presents several studies in medicine and the behavioral sciences that clearly explain why these apparently simple methods work so well with so many people. By the book's end you will know how to apply them to your own situation and enjoy the benefits. That's why The One Minute Manager has continued to appear on business bestseller lists for more than two decades, and has become an international sensation. A practical business guide for managers wanting to get the most from their employees introduces a wide range of timely strategies to promote employee morale and job satisfaction and, in turn, heighten profitability and productivity. Editorial Reviews From Barnes & Noble People invariably look to their boss for praise, a feeling of connection, and a sense that their work is meaningful. Bosses, meanwhile, worry about the need to address performance problems, redirect the work process, or any one of a number of contingencies that arise in the course of leading a team. To help facilitate the critical process of communicating objectives and structuring the corporate environment, Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson have written this bestselling guide to saying what needs be said as effectively as possible. By following the clear, accessible advice that the authors provide, you'll be able to take a minute to dispense praise or reprimands, set goals, and do much of the human work upon which management depends. An inspiration to thousands of leaders, this is a business book that should be read and reread as often as possible.

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