Was Einstein Right?; Putting General Relativity to the Test

Will, Clifford M.

First published in 1986, this award-winning account of how Einstein's theory holds up after more than seventy-five years has been updated to accommodate the most recent experimental findings, as well as the exciting story of the rise and fall of the "fifth force." The first book for the general reader that explores in lively detail how the most celebrated scientific theory of our century holds up today. Editorial Reviews Library Journal In a word, the answer is yes! According to Will, every test that physicists have been able to devise to date has yielded results consistent with the theory of general relativity. What is surprising is how well he is able to explain the implications of this highly complex theory without using any mathematics beyond geometry. He also shows why use of the most sophisticated technology available is required to measure the effects predicted by Einstein and his followers. All in all a pleasing book for the educated layperson who wishes to gain some insight into this most esoteric subject. Harold D. Shane, Mathematics Dept., Baruch Coll., CUNY

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