21st Century Skills: Learning for Life in Our Times

Trilling, Bernie

Praise for 21st Century Skills "The authors have done nothing less than provide a bold framework for designing a 21st century approach to education, an approach aimed at preparing all of our children to successfully meet the challenges of this brave, new world." --Paul Reville, Secretary of Education, Commonwealth of Massachusetts "Trilling and Fadel describe in very readable, practical terms how to infuse 21st century skills from standards all the way into the classroom. The DVD is full of wonderful 'ah-ha' moments to illustrate the possibilities. A terrific traveling companion for educators, parents, and business and government decision makers concerned about the future of our kids." --Paige Johnson, 2009 Chair of the Partnership for 21st Century Skills; Global K-12 Manager, Intel Corporation "It's about time that we have such an accessible and wise book about the 21st century skills that so many companies, policymakers, and educators are talking about. Trilling and Fadel distill insights from diverse communities of reflective inquiry on what redesigns of learning environments are needed to foster these skills, and provide pathfinding tools for the exciting expeditions into the future of learning." --Roy Pea, Stanford University, professor of education and the learning sciences "Trilling and Fadel lay out a comprehensive understanding of what is meant by 21st century skills. Read this book with a notepad--you'll be jotting down ideas for how to use the information in your school district. A must-read for superintendents, curriculum directors, and teachers." --Anne L. Bryant, executive director, National School Boards Association "Trilling and Fadel take the 21st century skills debate beyond rhetoric, providing a substantive, compelling, and engaging argument for the skills and competencies that our children need to succeed in a Knowledge Age economy. The skills they describe are the essential lifeblood of a productive, engaged, and intelligent citizenry--this book is a must-read for skeptics and enthusiasts alike!" --Margaret Honey, president and CEO, New York Hall of Science

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