Life's A Pitch

Bayley, Stephen

The Pitch is the absolute essence of modern business. Ideas are the most valuable commodity in the modern economy and it is human skill that develops them. In pitching for new business, it is ideas and emotional intelligence that dominate. However, the skills of the Pitch also apply to just about every significant personal transaction in our lives. Life's a Pitch is the ultimate how-to book-a mixture of mechanics and magic. Nothing like it has been written before. A mixture of mentoring, graphics, anthropology, market research and modern Machiavellianism, this book is a preparation for success. So whether at a sales conference in corporate conference room hell or over lunch at a glamorous meeting, it's a drama. It is business, but it's also theatre. It's not about transferring information; it's about transferring power. And the results of a successful pitch are - quite simply - money and power. Part inspirational manual for business, part guidebook to a successful and happy social life, Life's a Pitch is an accumulation of half-century of (mostly successful) pitching wisdom by the authors. Groundbreaking and genre-busting, it will transform forever how we think about the art of persuasion.

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