Debating Organization


This volume introduces readers to the central debates of organization studies through a series of 'point' and 'counterpoint' debates by major figures in the field. Introduces readers to the central tensions and debates of organization studies. Celebrates the productive heterogeneity of the field by placing competing perspectives side by side. Includes contributions from major figures in the field. Structured in an innovative 'point' and 'counterpoint' format. Editorial Reviews From the Publisher "Every reader will disagree with portions of this book. But every reader will also come to see organization science differently, as adjacent chapters juxtapose contrasting interpretations, new voices receive hearings, and orthodoxies meet challenges. These debates expand our understanding by articulating alternatives, and occasionally synthesizing them. Students of organization or management theory will find this a valuable introduction to the central tensions and debates in organization studies." Bill Starbuck, New York University "Debating Organization is fabulous! I've been dipping in and out of it all week, and have learned an immense amount. It is really good. The intros you wrote to the sections are beautifully crafted. Congratulations!" Karl Weick, University of Michigan

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