The Creativity Formula: 50 scientifically-proven creativity boosters for work and for life

Imber, Amantha

Love may make the world go around but it's creativity that drives it forward. Unfortunately, creativity is often viewed as something that is elusive and unpredictable, a quality only owned by "creative" types. Psychologists have now demonstrated that we can all be more creative in our thinking. They have rigorously researched the conditions and techniques that allow people to maximise their ability to think creatively about problem solving and the way forward. There is, in fact, a formula - and it isn't difficult. The Creativity Formula draws on that research to provide 50 simple and scientifically-proven ways to improve their creative thinking ability - instantly. Its easy techniques will lead to more effective problem solving in both work and life and a business that gets ahead and stays ahead by out-thinking and out-innovating its competitors. Some of the things you will learn in this book: * The leadership style that drives creativity. * Why financial rewards kill creativity. * The optimal team size for creative thinking. * How particular types of images generate innovative ideas. * The colours that boost creative thinking. "From Arizona to Newcastle, this book does what few do: it integrates cutting edge science with the soft side of creativity. Best of all, it will call your bluff and help you realise that anyone (even you) can be creative." - Seth Godin, author, Tribes "In plain English, with great verve, Amantha Imber translates hundreds of psychological studies into workable tactics for awakening creativity. If you catch some of your friends squeezing an object with their hand (won't tell you which one!) before an important meeting, you know they've read Amantha Imber's marvellous book. It has 49 further practical, scientifically established strategies for making all of us as creative as we dream of being, all imparted in a real fun way, and easy to apply". - Professor Roald Hoffmann, Nobel-Prize winning chemist and writer "This book combines Amantha's knowledge of science, psychology & creativity in a fun, useful and practical way. If you want to get your creative juices flowing or that of your team then I couldn't recommend it more highly." - Peter Williams, CEO Deloitte Digital "Amantha's book makes the sometimes-esoteric nature of creativity tangible for anyone. Supported by scientific study and easy-to-follow examples, this book can help both individuals and organisations inject the spark of creativity into their world and unearth great ideas." - Lee Hunter, product marketing manager, Google

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