Mind Children: The Future of Robot and Human Intelligence

Moravec, Hans P.

Editorial Reviews Byte [Mind Children] has the accuracy of a college text and the can't-put-it-down appeal of a good novel. Moravec has turned the flights of mind of one of the world's foremost roboticists into hard copy. And he has written a tremendously good book in the process. -- Eric Bobinsky Guardian Moravec, by his own admission, is an intellectual joyrider, and riding his runaway trains of thought is an exhilarating experience...This is an intellectual party that shouldn't be pooped, no matter how much it may disturb the neighbours and encourage over-indulgence. -- Brian Woolley New York Times Book Review A comprehensive and highly readable survey of the state of the art in robotics. -- M. Mitchell Waldrop New Yorker One would be making a mistake to let Mind Children recede unopened into a guiltless oblivion. It's a tonic book, thought-provoking on every page. And it reminds us that, in our accelerating, headlong era, the future presses so close upon us that those who ignore it inhabit not the present but the past. -- Brad Leithauser

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