The Sociology of Art: A Reader

Albrecht, Milton C.

The time is propitious for a stocktaking of work done in the sociology of the arts, more comprehensive than the otherwise excellent sy1nposium presented in Robert N. Wilson's Arts in Society. For this reason the framework for this collection was chosen from the opening article, which emphasizes art as an institution. This framework pern1its the presentation of substantive findings in several important sectors of the field; it provides for an examination of essential 1nethodological proble1ns; and it furnishes perspectives on sociological theories. The collection as a whole offers materials for achieving a broad understanding of the present status of this field of endeavor and for projecting future research. The materials will also lend then1selves to classroon1 work on both the graduate and the undergraduate levels and may supplement the subject matter of interrelated fields in the humanities and in philosophy, as well as in specializations such as public opinion, con1munication and the popular arts. The selections are confined mainly to literature and the visual arts of painting and sculpture because much of the best sociological work to date has been done in these areas.

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