From Being to Becoming: Time and Complexity in the Physical Sciences

Prigogine, Ilya

This is a summary of Prigogine's work up to and during the late 1970's on his ideas regarding irreversable non-equlibrium thermodynamics. It's a wonderful tale about the beginnings of chaos theory. The time in the 1980's when it all started. And, to some degree, Prigogine contributed to this revolution in classical mechanics. He does a lot more than this however, he talks about the interface between classical and quantum mechanics and how the two can be interlaced. It's not a totally new theory, rather it illuminates the place where the two theories meet. Each chapter reveals a new idea which leads into something more. Eventually, he gets to this interface between the two theories and does so through an extension of the concept of entropy which is extended into non-equilibrium thermodynamics. It is this old concept but adapted to a new scenario and taking into account the idea of time being something more than just a counter measuring movement, that is, not real change but merely a re-arrangement of known parts.

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