The Big Moo : Stop Trying to be Perfect and Start Being Remarkable

Seth (ed.) The Group of 33 ; Godin

Thirty-three of the world's best business minds tackle one urgent question: what does it really take to make your organisation remarkable? Seth Godin's "Purple Cow" taught us that in order for businesses to achieve real success, they needed to stop being a brown cow, dare to be purple and ensure they stood out from the crowd. But in a world of really good companies, sometimes you need more than a purple cow - you need a big moo. We all know that being remarkable means taking risks, challenging mind sets and using a great deal of innovation and imagination. It's not the easy path but it's the best way for companies to really grow. In "The Big Moo", a team of best-selling authors and business superstars such as Malcolm Gladwell, Tom Peters and Jackie Huba reveal their secrets for creating sustained remarkability. Their essays are provocative, inspiring and their message is clear: don't be afraid to be different; it's time to make yourself heard.

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