Management Challenges in the 21st Century

Drucker, Peter F.

Management Challenges for the 21st Century looks afresh at the future of management thinking and practice. This astonishing new book from the world's leading management guru revolves around two fundamental issues that are occurring simultaneously: changes in the world economy, and shifts in the practice of management. These developments, especially in developed countries, are crucial in exploring and understanding the challenges of the future. Management Challenges for the 21st Century focuses in on the key questions for all businesses: ยท What are the new realities? ยท What new policies are required of companies and executives in order to deal with these changes? Facing a whole swathe of issues head-on in his usual clear-sighted style, Drucker offers up a prescient and informed analysis that will help every executive to build a proactive strategy for the future. *Written by one of the world's leading management gurus *Deals with the pressing challenges facing all organizations in the 21st century *Offers clear-sighted analysis and advice

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