The Knowledge Economy (Knowledge Reader)

Neef, Dale

What is this knowledge-based economy? Is it really new or unique? What are its effects, and what does it mean to us? In order to help answer those questions, this anthology has been compiled as a means of providing answers for anyone in business or the public policy-making fields who would like to know what academics and economists are talking about when they refer to the knowledge-based economy. It is a collection of articles dealing with the most important developing themes in this area: *The shift in employment from "brawn to brains" *The effect that "knowledge elitism" may have on public policy concerning education and training, wealth disparity and social exclusion *Organizational changes brought about by the new breed of "knowledge workers" functioning in the new high-performance workplace *Computing, telecommunications, globalization, and the interconnected economy Using seminal articles from a variety of sources, this volume is intended to be a primer for introducing the reader to all aspects of the knowledge-based economy. Dale Neef is a political economist and a knowledge management specialist with extensive academic and commercial experience in both North America and Europe. He earned his Ph.D. in Economic History from the University of Cambridge, was a Research Fellow at Harvard University, and currently works with Ernst & Young's Center for Business Innovation researching issues surrounding knowledge management and the knowledge-based economy. He divides his time between writing, lecturing, and consultancy. Part of the series Resources for the Knowledge-Based Economy Introduces the reader to all aspects of the knowledge-based economy Uses seminal articles from a variety of sources

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