Social Intelligence: The New Science of Success

Albrecht, Karl

Karl Albrecht defines social intelligence (SI) as the ability to get along well with others while winning their cooperation. SI is a combination of sensitivity to the needs and interests of others, sometimes called your "social radar," an attitude of generosity and consideration, and a set of practical skills for interacting successfully with people in any setting. Social Intelligence provides a highly accessible and comprehensive model for describing, assessing, and developing social intelligence at a personal level. This book is filled with intriguing concepts, enlightening examples, stories, cases, situational strategies, and a self-assessment tool - all designed to help you learn to navigate social situations more successfully. Editorial Reviews Review "...powerful and compelling...a great read..." (Reading Chronicle, January 19th, 2006) Review "Everyday I meet leaders with very high IQs and very low SQs. Social Intelligence shows why it is important to have both! It is filled with wonderful stories and examples that show what social intelliegence is and, more important, how to develop yours. This book is recommended reading for any leader and any coach." -Marshall Goldsmith, co-editor, The Leader of the Future, and Global Leadership

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