Convergence Amidst Difference: Philosophical Conversations Across National Boundaries (Suny Series in the Philosophy of the Social Sciences)

Schrag, Calvin O.

Engages contemporary European thought on a variety of philosophical topics. Calvin O. Schrag, one of America's leading philosophers, traverses the literal and metaphysical boundaries of Bulgaria, England, France, Russia, and the Czech Republic and offers a new examination of hermeneutics, phenomenology, subjectivity, and transnational identity. He presents his notion of rationality—transversal rationality—with unusual clarity and simplicity, while encouraging the continuing philosophic dialogue of humankind across cultures. "In this timely and lucid book Calvin O. Schrag provides an exceptional array of engagements with European thought concerning issues of a hermeneutic sense of reference, postmodern subjectivity, and refigured notions of rationality. He pays fine homage to each geographical and intellectual setting that served as the occasion for his thought, and as a response to a number of current philosophic quandaries, Schrag shows the beauty and wisdom of what he calls transversal rationality. As we would expect, Schrag's latest work makes another valuable contribution to thinking that addresses concerns at the heart of an emerging postnational philosophic scene." — Ramsey Eric Ramsey, coeditor of Experiences between Philosophy and Communication: Engaging the Philosophical Contributions of Calvin O. Schrag

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