Marketing to the Campus Crowd: Everything You Need to Know to Capture the $200 Billion College Market

Morrison, David

David A. Morrison, president of TWENTYSOMETHING Inc., is an internationally acclaimed expert in young adult consulting. In this groundbreaking book, Morrison shares his unparalleled insights on a critical consumer audience: the highly coveted, incredibly elusive, college market. Essential reading for any business executive interested in generating maximum returns and avoiding costly mistakes, Marketing to the Campus Crowd features: - Invaluable case studies across numerous industries - Commentary on over 22 leading media/promotional channels - Key statistics & charts - Extensive advertising examples - Unparalleled insights and strategic recommendations - A critical look at the pre/post-college markets as well as gatekeepers, key influencers, and institutional buyers In its review of Marketing to the Campus Crowd, The Washington Post hailed Morrison as the "consummate marketing insider." Find out why!

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