Virtuous war

James Der Derian

'Virtuous War is a road trip into the cyborg heart of the military-industrial-media-entertainment network. James Der Derian takes the reader from a family history of war and genocide to new virtual battlespaces in Hollywood, Silicon Valley, and Orlando's Simulation Triangle. We travel with the author to the Army's Advanced Warfighting Experiment in the Mojave Desert, the Marine's Urban Warrior occupation of the San Francisco Bay area, and the staging areas of the Kosovo air campaign in Italy. Der Derian reveals a world in which Marine fire-teams train on the video game Doom, the Navy redesigns a ship's command center as the 'Disney Room,' and the Army builds a 'Holodeck' at a California university. Computer simulations, cable news coverage, and feature movies all blur and converge in this new virtual alliance of the military, the media, and the entertainment industry.'--BOOK JACKET.

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