Chaotics: The Business of Managing and Marketing in the Age of Turbulence

Kotler, Philip

Praise for Chaotics: "It's a simple and profoundly important fact that the practice of management needs retooling as much as our economy and financial system in general. Chaotics is a superb start on the retooling process--especially its emphasis on imbedding resilience in organizations. Leave it to Phil Kotler to give us lift-off power when we need it most." -- Tom Peters, coauthor, In Search of Excellence "An unprecedented book--for unprecedented times. Should be required reading for all managers in today's chaotic world." -- Marshall Goldsmith author of What Got You Here Won't Get You There and Succession: Are You Ready? "Kotler's and Caslione's timing is simply perfect. Chaotics offers tremendous insight into our new normality of turbulence and uncertainty--which most businesses are ill-equipped to handle. Chaotics is an excellent strategy manual for business leaders and their organizations for handling and overcoming all crises, now and into 'The Age of Turbulence.'" -- Ferdinando "Nani" Falco Beccalli, President and CEO, GE International "In times of unprecedented turbulence and volatility, new ways of thinking about and approaching the enormous issues facing business leaders are essential. Chaotics provides a compelling analysis of the issues and the roadmap needed to navigate through an increasingly risky and unpredictable business environment." -- John Hahn, Managing Director, Providence Equity "When skies are darkest, the brightest stars shine clearest. In the corporate world, they are the ones with strategic focus, not those who resort to knee-jerk, across-the-board cost cutting. In marketing's gloomy sky, Philip Kotler is our brightest star. Together with strategist John Caslione, he has created this outstanding, timely, practical book to steer businesses through these turbulent times. Buy it. Read it. Do it." -- Emeritus Professor Malcolm McDonald, Cranfield University School of Management, United Kingdom, author of Creating a Company for Customers "There will be winners and losers emerging from this Age of Turbulence. Chaotics provides a timely framework for dealing with turmoil and prevailing in the zero-sum contest for survival." -- George Day, Geoffrey T. Boisi Professor of Marketing, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania Editorial Reviews From the Publisher "Globalization and technology have heightened the interconnection, interdependence and fragility of today's marketplace...Chaotics provides a system for steering businesses through both the best and worst of times." -- Research magazine "Kotler and Caslione have produced a timely and thoughtful analysis of the turbulent economic environment in which we now live, with a series of practical responses to the challenges faced." -- The Irish Times "...wrestling with how the increasing speed of change is affecting your business...then there is plenty of rock-solid...common-sense advice in the book...well worth your time." --1to1 magazine "In Chaotics, authors Philip Kotler and John Caslione pool their expertise to provide business leaders with a system for navigating the turbulent times..." -- Consulting magazine "...outlines a powerful new system for managing waves of uncertainty affecting customers, employees, and other stakeholders....The best of the year so far!" -- CEO "The authors hit a home run with this book. Reader value is off the charts." -- Springfield Business Journal "Philip Kotler...The man who brought metrics to marketing doesn't disappoint...even the chart-averse will admire the skillful discussion of economic 'chaotic theory.'" -- The Deal "...very timely economies are still turbulent, and given their interconnectivity, that's increasingly likely to continue...well-written, lucid treatise on surviving the new state of capitalism." --Financial Executive Selected as on the best books of 2009 by CEO "...true value of the book is in pressing readers to change their mindset...never expect normality nor take it for granted...excellent read for anyone who does not want to be one of the dimwits." --Graziadio Businessreport CHOICE April 2010 Editors' Picks "...clearly written, interesting, and practical book." -- Choice magazine

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