The Certainty of Uncertainty: Dialogues Introducing Constructivism

Poerksen, Bernhard

This book presents the views of the founders of constructivism and modern systems theory, who are still providing stimulating cues for international scientific debate. The conversations turn on the results of brain research, the breaks through of cybernetics, the linguistic determination of thought, and the intrinsic connection between epistemology and ethical practice. Editorial Reviews Cybernetics and Human Knowing - Ole Thyseen "If you are fairly well acquainted with the persons Poerksen has chosen as his cooperators, the book will give you the pleasure of revisiting -- seeing the old horses doing their well-known tricks in the ring. And if you are not, these dialogues give a wonderful introduction to the themes and problems of constructivism." Leonardo - Aparna Sharma "Fertile with philosophical discussion... The Certainty of Uncertainty introduces us to a breadth of debate and unpacks for us the paradoxes that acknowledging the observer might result."

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