Limits of Behavior

Simms, James R.

Since the early 1800s when Auguste Comte asserted that a .science of society was possible and desirable, the need for a social behavior theory equivalent to those of the natural sciences has been recognized. Though Comte is considered to be the Father of Sociology, his lifelong goal of discovering an adequate social theory eluded him. The current theoretical literature in the field of sociology recognizes that the search goes on, but to no avail, even though great strides have been made in qualitative sociological theory. • Many attempts have been made to apply the natural and mathematical sciences to social behavioral phenomena but the results have been disappointing. The National Academy of Sciences, in conjunction with the Social Science Research Council issued a report in 1969 stating that the major needs in the behavioral and social sciences areas are for an adequate social theory and for social indicators, thus further emphasizing this recognized need.

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