Stafford Beer: A Personal Memoir - Includes an Interview with Brian Eno

Whittaker, David

Stafford Beer, who died in 2002, was a world famous Professor of Cybernetics (the science of the effective organization and regulation of large complex systems), specialising in holistic management. His most high profile project was applying these ideas to the Chilean economy under President Allende. Stafford was also a painter and a poet. In 1980 David Whittaker wrote to Stafford Beer and a lively correspondence ensued for nearly 20 years. Many of Stafford's letters are reproduced here. They show his enormous generosity and receptiveness. This collection will prove of value to anyone interested in some of the lesser known, but revealing, aspects of a great modern thinker. The book also includes a unique interview with the musician and producer Brian Eno. He talks about his own friendship with Beer and the utilization of cybernetic concepts in music making.

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