Knowledge Management Methods: Practical Approaches to Managing Knowledge

Wiig, Karl M.

This book is intended for hands-on practitioners who support knowledge management initiatives within their own organizations. It is our firm belief that all organizations that take serious their role as knowledge-intensive enterprises need to be self-sufficient in their ability to use knowledge management methods. Hands-on management of knowledge requires that practicing knowledge professionals have access to a wide range of approaches and methodologies. The objectives and condition vary widely in the different knowledge-related situations that will need to be addressed and the solutions tend to touch upon every aspect of the organizations involved. As a result, the knowledge professionals must possess significant flexibility and versatility. At this time •· in 1995 ·· the fields of knowledge management and knowledge engineering are still evolving and ne\v tools and approaches are regularly introduced. Nevertheless, a solid body of suitable methods exists, making it both possible and effective for organizations to undertake work in the area. There is, however, not yet a great deal of literature available to help knowledge professionals.

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