From Research to Manuscript: A Guide to Scientific Writing

Michael Jay Katz

Written in simple, straightforward language, From Research to Manuscript, explains how to understand and summarize a research project. It is a writing guide that goes beyond grammar and style by demonstrating how to pull together the information needed for each section of a polished scientific paper. This book is a systematic guide, leading you from the data on your desk through the drafts and rewrites that are needed to build a complete and tightly-written science article. From Research to Manuscript:includes tools and techniques for structuring the sentences, paragraphs, and sections of a research wide-ranging examples from well-written research articles.offers advice to speakers of other languages.explains the effective use of tables, graphs, statistics, and figures.shows you how to organize your data to clearly present your results.guides you through the process of manuscript submission and editorial review.The updated second edition includes more examples, advice on publishing in online journals, software suggestions, and updated references. Overall, From Research to Manuscript argues that scientists should be working on their paper during their active research. Writing will keep the research project organized, thorough, and thoughtful. From Research to Manuscript provides a format for integrating writing and research, so that you can strengthen your science, compose a better paper, and get the paper published.

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