Smart Things to Know about Knowledge Management

Koulopoulos, Thomas M.

In the new economy knowledge management is vital. Knowledge management allows companies to leverage their most precious assets, collective know-how, talent and experience. Only by focusing on these precious resources can companies handle new market challenges and opportunities. But hype and confusion plague knowledge management. Many of us want to scream "stop all the noise and give me the facts!". It is in answer to your call that this book was written. If you want to really understand knowledge management, you've picked up the right book. Smart Things to Know About Knowledge Management gives you everything you need to know as well as a framework for practical action. It will help you: understand knowledge management and how it can help your organization position knowledge management at the heart of your business understand the technologies which support knowledge management become a smart manager of knowledge understand how to measure success in a knowledge-based economy make knowledge management work for you become the knowledge management champion in your organization Smart Things to Know About Knowledge Management is your gateway to the new world of business. Read it and watch your company and career take off!

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