The Neurotourist: Postcards from the Edge of Brain Science

Frank, Lone

Discover the true heart of humanity: the brain Your brain shapes your world, but you can also shape your brain. From the God helmet to the No Lie MRI, award-winning journalist Lone Frank embarks on an incredible adventure to the frontiers of neuroscience, revealing how today's top scientists are reinventing human nature, morality, happiness, health, and reality itself. Interlacing bizarre experiments, cutting-edge research, and irreverent interviews, The Neurotourist is an unforgettable tour of the mind-bending revolution underway in the new age of the brain. A critically-acclaimed journalist, science writer, and TV presenter, Lone Frank also holds a PhD in neurobiology and has worked as a research scientist in Denmark and the US. Apart from a particularly ?cute' corpus callosum she has an expert's word that her brain is quite unremarkable. ?[A] fascinating exploration of the most intriguing brain experiments so far this century." The New Scientist

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