Intellectual Capital: Core asset for the third millennium

Brooking, Annie

There is a new awareness in the boardroom. Across the world, major corporations are beginning to realise that their most valuable assets are intangible. They have discovered that the value of the corporation is no longer the buildings, the machinery or even the products, but customer loyalty, the ability to collaborate with business partners, intellectual property, electronic infrastructures and the innovative potential and know-how of employees. They have discovered that their greatest asset is intellectual capital. Now GEC, Motorola, Dow Chemical, Hewlett Packard, Merck, Rank Xerox, Siemens, Hoffman Laroche, Digital Equipment Corporation and other leading edge organisations are beginning to leverage this core asset to achieve real competitive advantage. Read this book and discover how to manage, control and record the value of the intangible assets in you business. The book provides a practical framework to audit intellectual capital in your organisation - learn what it is, what it's worth and how to manage it. Read More Show Less

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