Caring Economy: Internet Business Principles

McGovern, Gerry

The Caring Economy shows the deep, thoughtful insight of someone who has taken a look at all of the hype, buzzwords, and techno-arcana and put into words where we can be going in the new millennium. It is not without a certain touch of irony that this insight comes from that same place that was a repository of knowledge during the western world's Dark Ages more than a millennium ago--Ireland. In The Caring Economy, Gerry McGovern, maps out just as surely as the early "companies" or caravans of trade did, the sure route to success, not just for companies, but people, organizations and governments in this newly interconnecting space that so many are joining. The importance of connectedness, of community cannot be emphasized enough, and McGovern makes clear that community is not just a word, but encompasses a whole range of things--from caring about those who may be disenfranchised from connection, to the importance of keeping the processes simple to use, as well as simple from the backside of operations, too. The importance of establishing trust, which in turn, like the trading companies of yore, makes the difference whether people will do business, pursue commerce and share information which underlies civilization as it is can be in the future, is emphasized. And the trust is not about symbols or slogans, but about doing those things that show customers and colleagues, clients and employees that they are valued for more than just the monetary returns on investment that they might represent. All in all, The Caring Economy is a good read, and a must for anyone who chooses to live in a humane, human, yet dynamic 21st century that is looming before us. McGovern again is showing us that there is significant value in the intangibles of being connected human beings in this exciting time.

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