Guide to Successful Dissertation Study for Students of the Built Environment

Holt, Gary David

This book explains how to successfully research a subject and present the findings of that research, in the form of a dissertation. The book is written in a built environment context; this is because it is aimed primarily at undergraduate dissertation students of the built environment. However, despite the book's specific subject bias, the majority of methods and guidance cited within it are equally useful to all dissertation students, regardless of subject. Furthermore, the book is designed to provide a basic foundation for any level of research study e.g. Masters', MPhil and to a limited extent, PhD. Indeed, it should be noted that the fundamental concepts upon which the book is based (logical task structure, careful planning, adequate researching of information and good presentation), hold potential benefit to all students, pursuing any written assignment work. As will become clear, a dissertation and a thesis are two quite different pieces of work; even though both are based upon research. Because of this, each is referred to separately throughout this book. However, in more general terms most of the principles and practices involved in the successful compilation of either, are identical.

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