The secret pulse of time : making sense of life's scarcest commodity

Klein, Stefan

"From one of Europe's leading science journalists, and author of the international bestseller The Science of Happiness (Scribe, 2006), comes a fascinating, wonderful book about time. The Secret Pulse of Time answers fundamental questions about time. Why does time fly when we are happy? Why do minutes pass so slowly when we are waiting impatiently? How can we truly appreciate the present moment despite leading over-extended lives? Stefan Klein brings a journalist's eye for detail to illuminate the highways and byways of time - always with the goal of guiding us to better master time (and to undertand why we so often fail to do so). Woven into his narrative are dozens of ways to do just this, including how not to lose your head when a deadline is quickly approaching; how the present becomes a memory, and vice versa; how to attune your inner clock for more productive, satisfying days; and how to prevent each day's fast tempo from having a detrimental effect on your overall enjoyment of life. This is popular science at its best, and already a bestseller in Germany, where it was published in September 2006." -- Publisher. Includes bibliographies and index.

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