Design and Environment (A Primer)

Vyas, H Kumar

Language: English Pages: 180 (Throughout B/W Illustrations) About the Author H Kumar Vyas was born in 1929 in Uganda and had his early training as an industrial designer at the Central School of Art and Design, London, where he subsequently worked as a professional designer for more than five years. Vyas has three decades of fruitful association with the National Institute of Design (NID). He joined NID in 1962 and started the Faculty of Industrial Design with an aim to initiate training programmes for the first cadre of industrial designers in India. In 1970, Vyas helped innovate and introduce NID's first undergraduate programme, the 5 and half year Professional Education Programme. His work at the Institute has also included a wide range of professional design services for NID's clients in the craft, small and large scale industrial sectors as well as exhibition and environmental design projects. Vyas was also the chair holder of the Design Research Chair initiated by NID from 1989-1992. Since 1977, Vyas has been actively engaged in acquainting the youth with the concepts of design and design thinking. The first edition of the book Design and Environment was published in 1982 as a training kit for budding young designers. It comprised an introductory manual and a series of short films which were telecast on the National Education Programme in the eighties. The resounding success of the first edition and the huge demand for the same has led to the publication of Design and Environment: A Primer, the revised second edition of the first book. Introduction This book is a thoroughly revised version of my earlier book, Design and Environment: an Introductory Manual, published in 1982. The old manual was originally designed as one of the three

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