Global Ideas: How Ideas, Objects and Practices Travel in the Global Economy (Advances in Organization Studies)

Czarniawska, Barbara

Global ideas is an attempt to explain how it is possible that, although the same idea travels around the globe at a high speed, local realities are still very different. While this book can be seen as joining the discussion on globalization and its paradoxical character, it is unique in its rich collection of cases and its frame of reference consisting of a combination of organization theory, new institutionalism and sociology of translation. The focus is not so much on organizations but on organizing, which is global both in its scope and in its imitation of global models. This book shows what is travelling and how; it moves between countries and disciplines. Contents: 1. Translation Is a Vehicle, Imitation its Motor, and Fashion Sits at the Wheel Part I What is Travelling? Names, Practices, Objects, and People 2. Cultural Alchemy: Translating the Experience Economy into Scandinavian 3. The Namesake: On Best Value and Other Reformmarks 4. Isomorphism, Isopraxism, and Isonymism: Complementary or Competing Processes? 5. Lost and Found in the Translation of Strategic Plans and Websites 6. Environment's Many Faces: On Organizing and Translating Objects in Stockholm 7. From "Nature" to "Economy" and "Culture": How Stockfish Travels and Constructs an Action Net Part II How Do Ideas Travel And How Do They Land? 8. Fashion in Organizing 9. Something New, Something Old, Something Borrowed: The Cross-National Translation of the "Family Friendly Organization" in Israel 10. Articulating Agendas and Travelling Principles in the Layering of New Strands of Academic Freedom in Contemporary Singapore 11. Fields of Imitation: The Global Expansion of Management Education 12. Globalizing Webs: Translation of Public Sector e-Modernization 13. Close encounters: The Circulation and Reception of Managerial Practices in the San Francisco Bay Area Nonprofit Community 14. Code-Switching, or Why a Metacode Is Good to Have

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