When the Scientist Presents: An Audio and Video Guide to Science Talks

Lebrun, Jean-Luc

This book looks at the presenting scientist from a novel angle: the host. When the scientist hosts a talk, the guests expect audible scientific authority from a hospitable visible host, not one that the computer turns into a boring ghost with the conspiracy of slides whose clarity depends more on how dark the room is than on how clear their contents are. The host requires a set of skills: personal (voice, host qualities, time control), technical (presentation tools, slide design), and scientific (Q&A, slide content). To build these skills, insightful advice is given to host the talk, craft the slides, and fare well in the dreaded Q&A session. The Q&A is treated in great depth: from handling troublesome questioners with varied motivations and styles, to answering expert, non-expert, and even hostile questions as a graceful host and authoritative scientist. The book comes with a DVD for audio and video examples, and includes essential Microsoft PowerPoint and Apple Keynote techniques that a presenter cannot live without.

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