The Organization Man

William H. Whyte

The Organization Man is the first complete study of a way of life that many Americans are now leading, and that many more are likely to lead. It is life under the protection of the big organization--the corporation, the government, perhaps the university, charitable organization, or labor union. Here modern Americans find the jobs that promise security and a high standard of living, and, Mr. Whyte believes, give up the hopes and ambitions that dominated earlier generations of Americans. MR. Whyte is an editor of Fortune magazine and has had much opportunity to study "organization man"--how he is trained in college and on the job, how he is selected and tested for employment and advancement, how he lives away from work, how he worships, what he thinks about and hopes to get out of life. He describes it all in rich detail in this book, and in doing so he has written an important evaluation of contemporary America. (from back cover)

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