Nonverbal Behavior in Interpersonal Relations

Richmond, Virginia P

Nonverbal Behavior in Interpersonal Relations, 6/e Virginia P. Richmond, West Virginia University James C. McCroskey, West Virginia University Mark L. Hickson III, University of Alabama, Birmingham Description: Nonverbal Behavior in Interpersonal Relations offers a complete and precise explanation of the principles of nonverbal communication and their application in everyday life. The authors draw from a wide variety of disciplines and upon their vast experience as instructors, consultants, and corporate trainers to offer a unique blend of social scientific and humanistic approaches to the study of nonverbal behavior. Each chapter includes exercises, activities, self-tests, or questionnaires that help students explore and understand the actual and potential impact of nonverbal behaviors on communication. This well-researched book offers conclusions about the research in an easy-to-read and student-friendly style, helping students build the skills they will need to become competent nonverbal communicators in today's global community. Features: Blends theory, research, and applications to enable students of all levels to understand the material. Includes instructional measures and exercises throughout the book to help students evaluate their own communication and apply the material in the text to real-world situations. Explores the differences in cross-cultural nonverbal behaviors, including differences between greetings, gestures, gifts, and time usage among various cultures around the world,emphasizing the importance of understanding other cultures in order to communicate with them effectively. New to the Sixth Edition: Features a new chapter on the influence of nonverbal communication in the courtroom including a focus on how lawyers, defendants, and others are perceived in courtroom situations. Includes new sections on communication and deception, body language, gestures, and the importance of reading and understanding people's facial expressions. Introduces a thorough review of metrosexual behaviors, relationships, and communication, examining the expectations of females and males. Incorporates updates throughout the text including more recent research, data, and real-world applications. Praise for Nonverbal Behavior in Interpersonal Relations: "I like the way the 'relationship' chapters each expound on physical appearance, gestures, face, vocal, etc. -- [it] pulls the nonverbal behaviors into understanding relationships." -- Melissa Newman, Dallas Baptist University "I really like how [the authors] break down the categories of nonverbal communication and make them accessible to students." -- Caroline S. Parsons, Clemson University Read More Show Less

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