Brief History of the Future, A

Attali, Jacques

Jacques Attali, a former adviser to president Miterrand and also President of the European Bank of Development in the 90's, bring another side to the figure: political and sociological forces. He mainly divide human history 'a la Toffler' in three main stages: a theological one, a militaristic one, and then the one we are: an economic driven one. In it, capitalism unbounded has grown from the vitality of 9 main 'hearts' -as he called them- Brugess, Venice, Antwerp, Geneva, Amsterdam, London, Boston, New York and finally Los Angeles.Each was a pole of development and creativity, becoming the world's motor in their own age. Eventually, now Los Angeles he identifies with Silicon Valley activity and even Hollywood's as the main entertainment-cultural producer. Then he identifies a moment between 2030 where United States stop being the main power in the planet -The end of United States Empire-. After that he says capitalism develops into the main government and force through the ascension of the enterprise and particularly insurance companies with the same level of power of the old time governments. This eventually leeds into three new eras: hyperempire that is 'solved' into hyperconflicts until we reach the hyperdemocracie -economic power controlling all; awakening war, terrorism; and then we get into an era of total happiness, peace and opportunities thanxs -to what he dares to imply he coined the term- to the transhumanists.

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