Cybernetics and Management

Beer, S

Management cybernetics is the concrete application of natural cybernetic laws to all types of organizations and institutions created by human beings and to interactions with and within them. For this reason, Stafford Beer's management theory is not limited only to industrial and commercial enterprises. It also relates to the management of all types of organizations and institutions in the profit and non-profit sectors Organizations and institutions created by human beings encompass all types of living, mechanical and social systems. Whilst management cybernetics focuses in particular on these systems, the fundamental principles of cybernetics can also be applied to the individual components and factors in an interdisciplinary way. Finally, cybernetics is also a way of considering and thinking about things that can be used to analyze the thinking, communication, acting and functioning of human beings themselves and to give them an effective meaning. This approach is thus also helpful in overcoming communication problems between different experts and specialist areas.

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