The Big Picture : reflections on science, Humanity and a Quickly Changing Planet

Taylor, Dave Robert Suzuki David;

Unless we can find a way to live in balance with the natural systems that sustain us, our species will ultimately reach a dead end. That's the bottom line..._x000D_ We live in a fractured world, pummelled by random information, very little of which actually addresses this bottom-line reality...This book, a selection of essays [first published under the title Science Matters"] compiled to help readers put some of the fractured pieces back together, represents a modest start in that direction. It's not comprehensive, by any means. In truth, it will probably raise more questions than it answers. But perhaps that's a good thing...[We] need to step back...and try our very best to see the big picture [so as to put everything in proper context]."The above is found in this down to Earth, easy-to-read book by Dr. David Suzuki and David Taylor. Suzuki is a scientist (geneticist), environmentalist (being recognized as a world authority in sustainable ecology), broadcaster, author, and professor emeritus (being a professor for over thirty years). Taylor is a writer and journalist. This book does not just look at our environmental problems but actually looks beyond them to detail the forces that prevent real beneficial change from occurring. The result is a book that examines many spheres such as the scientific, psychological, sociological, environmental, technological, medical, and political. Also included is some of the latest research."But ultimately, you take away all our scientific knowledge and all our technologies, all of our art, and all of our culture, and we are still another species. We need air to breathe, water to drink, and food to eat just like every other organism on our little planet. We are but a small, shiny cog in the big wheel of life on Earth. And as shiny and fascinating as we are, we need the humility to recognize that fact, because in the end, the Earth doesn't need us.

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