Without Marx or Jesus the New American Revolution has Begun

Revel, Jean-Francois

This classic work on US society and the nature of revolution proved to be prescient I many respects. Revel's astute analyses include the observations that European culture was stagnant and that Europeans were hopelessly ignorant and uninformed on the United States. Even more alarmingly, then already the European elites were projecting onto the USA their guilt and self-loathing for their own imperialistic past. The author also explores the concept of revolution, distinguishing mere revolts that lead to worse oppression from revolutions with a lasting beneficial effect. He identifies 5 conditions prerequisite for revolution and 5 solutions to the unsatisfactory conditions. There must be critiques of: 1 injustice in economic, social & racial relationships 2 management against the waste of human & material resources 3 political power, both its sources and exercise 4 culture, morality, religion, customs, art and the function of these in society 5 the old civilizational sanction and vindication of individual freedom. Revel then explains why a true revolution can take place only in the United States

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